Lest we forget…

30 08 2007

I was off to Pune for celebrating Rakhi with my sisters. It was the first time in almost 16 years that the three of us for together for the occasion but the event was dented by the twin bomb blasts in Hyderabad. Even though it hurts me when any part of India is under proxy attack but I feel enraged when it happens in Hyderabad (a place I have come to consider as home). Being a hardcore North Indian (and for all my regional sympathies) I find Hyderabadis specifically and Andhraites in general probably the most easy going, and tolerant denizens I have come across. They assimilate everyone and anything with open arms and open heart. And an attack at the most secular canvas of India is heinous to stay the least.

However, not just Hyderabad but why does India as such proves to be such an easy target for terror attacks? I would like to put up an excerpt of my post on the Tolmolbol.com Hyderabad Bol section that provides a few of my thoughts.

“…why India is a soft target is mainly to do with the policing strategy and administrative inertia. Policing strategy in India is barebones, reactionary and defensive….

…Huge acts are voted in but even a basic framework of counter-terrorism is not put into place…

The only point I may not be able to blame security agency for is profiling of possible terror elements. This is a genuine problem. In west even though they lay tall claims like “Enemy Within” their so called enemy is usually foreign and the profile of such enemy is very unique and distinguishable. In India the problem is similar to UK’s problem with IRA, the terrorist do not have a largely distinguishable front.

…There is glory in being resilient and in living life normally after such an event. And it is to Indians that we do not let anything derail us. However, not heeding to numerous attacks right in the heart of our country is being foolhardy.

We have to stop our knee jerk reaction and we have to stop acting like a soft target…”

I hope the aftershocks of Hyderabad twin blasts do not go along the same lines as the ones before. I hope the immovable bureaucracy shows some signs of action. I hope that there are finally some learnings from this tragedy. Finally, I really hope we do not see another 25/8 in India.

My condolences to the families of the people who died in this attack. My heart goes out for their losses. Lets not ever again be a soft target.