IPL Season 2 – Season of Advertising Blunders

8 05 2009

IPL Season 1 was launched with some élan and supported with some really slick advertising to whip up incredible fervor and passion.

Cricket ka Karmayudha


The “Cricket ka Karmayudha” video of the IPL Season 1 was not only superbly done, but it had equally amazing lyrics and passionate narration to make you really look forward to watching the game.

SET MAX Promos

In comparison, it was replaced by the largely Sony sponsored “Aapne 100 crore logon ko ek saath kuchh karte dekha hai?” promo. It was largely an advert promoting a TV channel rather than the event itself. And it did nothing at all to garner attention.

Though admittedly the “Insaano ne banai Sarhade” was much better and funnier but it never caught my attention.


Add to that the whole event being shifted out from India, the spectators have fallen and the IPL 2 comes across as some sort of an afterthought that you tune into once you are back home from work.

Not only the advertising for the main draw, that is the main IPL event has been boring and dull. The teams too have taken a step back.

I mean what would you call the Chennai Super Kings advertisement. Only God knows what on the earth were these advertising guys thinking.Its hideous, absolutely loathsome and if it was meant to generate following for the ekdum fit – Yellow Jersey, give me a break. Mind you the worst is reserved for the grand finale of the video – see Dhoni opening his mouth wide and converting into a lion. Someone, Shoot Me!

Even Deccan Chargers and Mumbai Indians who had great promotional videos last time around have run their campaign to dust with some lousy videos even lousier lyrics.

Compare the almost call to arms video of Deccan Chargers from IPL Season 1 to the absolutely daisy IPL Season 2 promotional video.

I really hope that IPL Season 3, our senses are not again pulverised by a string of daisy videos like this year. Specially, since these promotions seemingly span almost all the channels and are always at you.




2 responses

24 05 2009

Interestingly this was not noticed by many but your sharp observations are to be admired. Even the beauty of South Africa could not bring in the passion IPL had last season amidst the advertising blunders

12 09 2009

Lovely post! Dropping by…

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