Calvin and Hobbes: The Anatomically correct Snowman

22 10 2007

Hyper-imaginative Calvin at it all over again. Easily my favourite Calvin and Hobbes comic strip! Click on the image to view the complete strip.

Calvin & Hobbes

Bill Watterson is a GOD!




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4 11 2007

Rachel laughed when she saw this post as she loves the cartoon and Calvin & Hobbs is her favorite too! We have four or 5 big omnibus editions hanging around the house. My own faves are when he’s battling dinosaurs, cos, well, as you might have guessed I love dinosaurs.

Hope your enormous workload shrinks slightly so you’ll get time to read and blog more…Feeling slightly guilty (though only slightly: I mean hey you’re an expert and it’s what you love) about a lot of this being down to me and Oh well, should be relaxing soon once new site is out.

See what I did there? Slipping my URL in unannounced and unsolicited! I have started adding posts to other related blogs and each time being sure to leave my URL…

Anyway, Sunday morning, rainy and cold, another depressingly English Autumn day..

Not long before the big wedding, Malvika nervous? Take notes young man, as (feigning an octogenarian pointing a calloused twisted old finger at you) “It will be you next!”

5 11 2007
Anshuman Dimri

Charlie thanks for your message, as usual your comments are quite fascinating. And LOL on your favourite series being the Dinosaurs one, boy am I NOT surprised. Wait till you read my next photo blog about the boys day out with nature featuring bird and insect life that I did not identify and photos that I didn’t click. 🙂

And drop the trepidation of putting the website links on to my blog. My blog is a Non-Profit Organisation and you are free to slipping any number of links in. I am sure Arup would be most happy if you continue doing so. 🙂


12 12 2007
daily fun

Really makes you think, doesn’t it?

16 12 2007

very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

17 01 2008

the pic is not opening mate~~~wat should i do??? i like calvin and hobbess very buch

25 11 2008

i luv Caven’s snow mans

11 09 2009

Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

15 01 2010

calvin needs to make a hobbes snowman

25 08 2010
celebrity fuck you

Sign: zdbrw Hello!!! eekxp and 5434dwktzhwvtm and 4719 : Sorry, what did you mean?? A??

2 05 2012
Coolmons Blog

I love Calvin and Hobbs, nice post

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