Writer’s block at work

20 10 2007

[*Mulling over a topic to write upon.*]

Pondering over the past few weeks. Things have been unusually busy. Topic… Topic… Topic…

Charlie came visiting last week. Was great catching up with a person who I have been talking to over messenger, skype and phone over the last two years. Great person! Even accompanied our team to watch our Inter company Cricket matches. Hmm, that reminds me we lost both our matches and were out of tournament in 3 days time. Have to work on our cricket team.

Visit to botanical garden (with Charlie and Jonas) was amazing. Did learn a lot about birds and insects. Could make for a great blog topic (and would give me a chance to show off my recently acquired knowledge).

Hmm… that’s it!

Take 1: “My experiments with Nature”.

[*Thinking of the story line*]

Let me think… I set alarm to wake me up at 8:00 am (tough life). Bird watchers and insect gazers are habitual early risers or so I am told. I remember getting up kicking myself at light filtering in through the flowing curtains, deadly sure that I was late again. For first time I was pleased to find I was wrong – the timepiece had 7:33 am on its face!


[*Still thinking…*]

[*Suddenly becomes aware of that vacuum in his mind and his fingers over the keyboard that have now been stalled for almost half an hour*]

This topic obviously isn’t working right now.

[*Realises he is not in a mood to write a travelogue right now.*]

hah! Let me write a sarcastic post on Ricky Ponting and his big mouth. The buffoon’s statements over the last year would give me enough spicy material to write a two pager.

Take 2: “Captain Hillarious”

That was a smart choice of topic and a great name for the post. That was a smart play on the words “Captain Courageous” that are associated to Ponting.

[*thinks to himself – “Well done m’boy”*]

Hey what about “A little less Po-i-nting”? Hmm.. I think I would go with “A little less Po-i-nting”. That ain’t so bad afterall.

Take 3: “A little less Po-i-nting”

[*Thinking of how to start the piece*]

Let me give an analogy of a kid seeing a candyman. That would be interesting. Hmm.. but how do I develop it further? What about start with a funny quote on big mouth gorillas or hypocrites or double standards. Nothing better than a funny Twainesque or a smart Churchillish quote at the beginning of the post, gets the readers going all the time!

[*Thinking of a quote…*]

[*Googling now…*]

[* Getting frustrated…*]

This is a bad day to be writing blogs.

Footnote: All you writers who ever had a writer’s block – I feel for you.

[*Decides to leave blog post to another day and retires to give his brain some rest*]




2 responses

30 10 2007

Hi Anshu, read your latest musings, very good, funny stuff. Glad to see that your ramblings in the natural world have had some effect.

I hope you have been regarding Pennywise’s very own gecko with a little more interest of late. After all, he probably works longer hours than you guys and spends even more time at the office. Plus he actually lives underneath the Pennywise sign, his very house is an exercise in corporate branding; quite a show of faith in your company from such a minuscule cog in the pennywise wheel…

I’m always mentioning to you that I feel like dreadful pedant when we talk (erm Anshu, that border is ever so slightly too far to the left and it should be ever so slightly to the right, could we just move it a little and you can be sure that once we have I shall arrive at some other wincingly trivial conclusion leading to much gnashing of teeth and pulling of hair on your part …), anyway, at the risk (the risk?! The certainty!) of appearing once again to be a , yes, dreadful, pedant I should point out that the phrase should be “Churchillian” not Churchillish…. (am imagining at this pont your readers, of which you have many compared to Blooloop’s dog and cat, rolling their own eyes and performing obscene hand gestures, thinking Christ this guy is such a ****)

Anyway, still haunted by that poor chamelon’s fate. Got some photos back from Jonas which Ishall pass off as my own and looking forward to getting my own blog going. Keep up the writing , seems like your battling through your block you prolific, dashing Renaissance man you….

17 01 2008

well a pretty funny post mate~~~but writers block is a wee bit serious for a person who entire livelihood is based on his writings~~~

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