Thank God! Its 29th April.

30 04 2007

The cricket World Cup is over. God how I have been dying it to be done and over with. Our glorious cricketers proved yet again that cliched saying “Game of glorious uncertainties”. In other words our cricket team played like a bunch of grapes hung out to dry into a delicious old vine only to find that they fermented into a sour tonic water. Anyway, ever since Bangladesh defeated us it did not matter who won the World Cup. So no kicking kangaroo butts, not just yet.

Fortunately, a lot has been happening to keep my mind of the catastrophe. I have been off for a grand 10 day leave (thats why you found me so quiet) . A 10 day leave is an amazing concept that does not happen to us (as in me and my partners) too often. So while I was at it I enjoyed every moment of it. I traveled and saw new parts of India. I attended marriages and I danced, quiet literally, like there was no tomorrow.. I was back on 21st.

Since then I have had a fruitful 3 day trip to Mumbai.

I am well and truly back and expect some regular updates from me.




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