Munh ki baat suneh har koi – Who understands the heartache?

28 01 2007

I still remember that slow serial “Neem Ka Ped” on DD National. Though I loved the serial for its sensitivity in portrayal of the life of a bonded labour (Pankaj Kapoor) but the reason I remember it always is its title song “Munh ki Baat” by Jagjeet Singh. I could listen to it the whole day without changing tracks.

It went something like
“Munh ki baat suneh har koi
Dil ke dard ko jaane kaun?
Aawaazon ke baazaaron ki
Khaamoshi pehchaane kaun?”
(Everybody can hear whats spoken
but who can understand the heartache?
Is there someone who can understand the silence of noisy markets?)
P.S. – Forgive me for the poor and semi-literal translation.

I have been listening to this song for over a decade now and its still my favourite. (And I am listening to it as I write.)

Life, journey, aspiration, reflection, everything that makes you and most importantly looking inwards to find yourself. The song is so philosophical and relevant, that it never stops amazing me.

The part that draws me most to this song and that which I feel I relate to would be:
“Woh mera aaeena hai ya
Main uski parchhaee hoon!
Mere hi ghar mein rehta hai
Mujh jaisa hi jaane kaun?”

A word for word translation alone would not do justice to this peice , so let me give you my interpretation as well.
Is he my mirror or am I his shadow.
The “he” here is in essence you and your reflections about yourself.
And I find that the person staying in my own house resembles me but is not the real me.
This goes on to build from the line above and explores/suggests how what you are on the outside is different from what you really are!

Its a must listen for everyone of you who like gazals and philosophy. Let me know if you need a copy!


Meme Indian…

23 01 2007

Found a nice city culture meme and here are the results.

Your personality type is SCOAI
You are social, calm, organized, moderately accommodating, and intellectual, and may prefer a city which matches those traits.

The largest representation of your personality type can be found in the these U.S. cities: Salt Lake City, Oklahoma City, Nashville, Tucson, Phoenix, Memphis, W. Palm Beach, Portland/Salem, Louisville, Cincinnati, San Diego, Los Angeles and these international countries/regions Slovenia, Luxembourg, India, Croatia, Romania, Taiwan, Middle East, China, Caribbean, Iceland, South Africa, Czech Republic, South Korea, Hong Kong

What Places In The World Match Your Personality?
City Reviews at

So in essence it told me that my mindset matches the country I am in right now. Hmm.. that explains – no wonder I never wanted to be anywhere else!:)

The Red Celebration.

22 01 2007
One of the biggest wins for the Liverpudlians this EPL season and I was travelling. Such a shame! As I hear it we outplayed Chelsea (at Anfield) in every area. Considering the 2 goals lead earned within the first 26 minutes and a 40 yard screamer by Riise rebounding off the bar, a 3-0 scoreline would have been sweeter but we wouldn’t mind the result.

On its way to the goal – Jermaine Pennant unleashes a piledriver,
to score his first goal in Liverpool colours and to make the lead 2-0.

I need to catch up on the highlights or the re run of it.

We play West Ham next and our city mates Everton. Hammers and Everton should be disposed without a hick-up hopefully but the Man U at Anfield should be game to watch!

Henry’s last minute goal gave the Gunners a great win against Man U even though it means Gunners continue breathing down our neck on League tables.

Go Liverpool. YNWA