Nanny Nanny Go Away!

23 07 2006

Its been a couple of months since I got a TV and I am now eternally hooked (all over again). Wasting away the precious hours and minutes of my life, glaring insensitively at the pictures being thrown at me – I keep telling myself “Shut the damn thing off”. But its always program-up button. Anyway, the TV stays off except an hour or so from now on.

Roaming through the 100 channels that my cable provider is giving me, another thought keeps crossing my mind. Where did we loose those good old days when the whole family used to get together on Sunday 5:00 pm to see the sole weekly DD -1 movie. What a craze it was in those days, if you didn’t have a TV, you just gather at your neighbours place to watch the block buster serials. Telly drew up than some memorable characters – Bheeshm Pitamah of Mahabharat, Hanuman from Ramayan, Raja of Ye jo Hai Zindagi, Karamchand, Mr. Y I Patel of Mr. Yogi and the list is endless. True we have Tulsi now to much chagrin of Ekta Kapoor hateclub (me included) but she would never be able to match the following our earlier heroes got.

That reminds me of the ad-jingles, like “Tandrusti ki rakhsa…”, “Washing powder Nirma, iske jhaag ne…”, “Yaad aa gaya mujhko…”. Show me one Indian from my generation or the one before who doesn’t know these jingles! And now who watches an ad when you have the power of remote in your hands. Well, DD-1 in its glory days, sure did give sponsors a value for their monies.

Enough blabbering for now. Need to sign off and delete that junk post somebody made on my Blog about selling me some B Com, BCA degree while I was away.