A Road Trip to FAR FAR AWAY!

26 07 2005
Its just one of those things that you do just for sake of getting away. Anand came up with an(-other of his bright) ideas for a trip to Nagarjuna Sagar. It wouldn’t have been such a mad dash, had it been at a more humanly hour.

Anand was beseiged with this idea at around 3:00 in the morning. So we packed our bags, looked up Google for directions and the most helpful direction we found said “keep-going straight till you hit the dam”. We did just that. By 3:30 am we were away on the bike.

The ride was perfect, the weather was cool (which was such a relief), the dawn and panorama was amazing. Checkout some of the snaps from the trip to Far Far Away.

The Morning Madness Guy!
Somebody better put him to sleep.

The dawn breaks – and it was such a sight!
(OK! Well i haven’t seen too many dawns lately).

I was only too happy to ride.

Partially because of the road and weather, and partially
because the helmet holder had made my backside numb.

Thats the Sagar.
Supposed to be huge at one time,
but the water seems to be ever receding.

The dam is an impressive structure. You seem so puny in front of it!
You need to take a ride on one of those small round
basket type boats to see how huge it actually is.

We checked in and boy did we get a room with a view.

Time to get back – the clouds were gathering up

but we didn’t think it would rain. Not just yet!

We were wrong – the Storm Commeth!

Finally, we were drenched even before we started back. There was 15 minutes of strong winds and heavy rain, that seemed to be lashing us for returning so soon. We wouldn’t have minded staying back, but work beckoned. The trip was amazing, we did 320 Kms within 24 hrs and we were back in Hyderabad at 11:30 pm.