Sanyas and the life beyond Karma!

23 04 2005

I must be one of those few who blog at this hour. But then the sub-conscious is most vocal at this god forsaken hour.

Well, the sub-conscious me just woke up and reminded me of my sub-conscious dream. My Sanyas from the life of worldly work! To rephrase it: when I shun all my worldly work duties and start partying. As you can see this is no spiritual sanyas and I have no intentions whatsoever to leave all the materialistic pleasure that I hold so dear.

So here I begin the countdown of my Sanyas from work: 5 Years to go. (Keep yourself updated every year till the last one where the countdown updates would be made daily. Thats on assumption that I would have not taken a sanyas from blogging by that time.) Also I am open to suggestions on things I can do after the sanyas.

Signing off dreamy-eyed.


Million Dollar Blog

19 04 2005

Finally, I got time to watch Million Dollar Baby. Before getting into a truly high profile movie, I was in my usual dillema, to see it or not to see it. I am really terified of high profile movies, specially the ones highly recommended by ones around me. 🙂 Don’t kill me for that!

Anyhow, the movie turned out to be out of the world. Excellent acting, well mazed plot, nice subtle humour, lovely direction. Morgan Freeman steals the show hands down. Looking at Mr. Freeman in this movie was a revelation. I never thought he could act for his life if he was not in his stereotyped three-piece suits. Hillary Swank is good and gives the role credibility but don’t know if she deserved Oscars for it. Clint Eastwood did what he does best, be gruffy and grouchy, but his timing was mucho good. Somehow I feel Mr. Eastwood is now at a point of his life where he can deliver much more from the receiving end of the camera.

Difficult to find fault with this movie, except that you almost everytime expected things before they happened, like the fight where Danger is beaten up. You always expected it! And you always knew Freeman would do something about it as he was like Dirt Harry reaching late for action and anyway Eastwood (the Original Dirty Harry) didn’t look like he could throw a punch.

The final word – if you dont see this movie, you’ll regret when you grow up. And dont worry about the faults, they are few and far in between.

The other movie I saw (again) was Beauty and the Beast. I think, I have a crush on Belle (again).

Cricket – The game of UNglorious uncertainties!

15 04 2005

Put a night, wait eagerly for the coming match cricket. Pakistan attack sprayed all over the ground. Your deepest wishes turns true. Tendulkar scores a century, India score 315, could have been 340 maybe, but then again 315 ain’t that bad. Hang on for the next two hours see how the Indians bowl. Horror strikes, Indian attack goes for even a more awesome leather hunt.

Hmm.. still 160 go, surely they cant win. Go take a bath, read some Dan Brown. Come back. 36 of 6 overs. Whaaaaat? Two wickets, now thats evens stevens. Last over 3 runs, Tendulkar back on attack. If anyone can do it. Last ball one run to win. Inzi Four. huhhh huhhh. Down Down Ganguly. Who asked him to come 2 Down? Why not make him Non-playing captain. The most successful non-playing captain. Leads the team from boundary.

Random Rumblings from randomly assaulted mind.

Next morning – Ganguly handed over 6 match ban. Whaaaaaaat?

Heh now the next match would be interesting!