It was supposed to be a beautiful day!

14 01 2005

Its a never ending struggle, this life. When you get up every morning (if you actually are an early riser), you feel this “wow I am alive today” feeling. Its been over a couple of months (if you, like me do not consider a caffeine loaded night out) since I last saw the first rays of our might star (thats sun) come up from the east. Its such a sight when you are fresh. To sleep laiden eyes like mine, this sight doesn’t mean much. If the night has been cruel to you and you have been actually awake the whole night, you only want to get back home and hit that sack you call bed and get through another day of uncomfortable sleep. You tend to forget the wonders everyday Mother Earth gives you (FOC).

Work its like an acid. It eats away your days, your brains, your rest and your sanity. I get up every morning (or should I call it every Evening) and tell myself, “Buddy you better give your senses a break” and decide well yeah this is going to be day when I put all things into perspective. Fast forward 12 hours, I am still in front of my desktop, typing away to anonimity. And well you got the rest of it. Its back to sleep in the morning, getting up late afternoon and realising its another day of me that just went by and its just another of those days.

Well, I am no role model. I dont manage my time, I dont manage of how I do things. I am freak! And at the end of the day you hate yourself, but atleast you are inch closer to finishing your WORK!

Maybe one day, just one day, I will sleep free of all these illusions of work being so important that its worth loosing your sleep for. All of you out there who sacrifice your sleep to work, try to hit your bed early one day and see what a glorious sunlit morning and a fresh cup of tea can do! And if you thank the God for the beautiful morning, remember you chose your life to be the dark of the night!